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Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf (HSWT)

RalfProf. Prof. h. c. mult. Dr Dr h. c. mult.* Ralf Schlauderer
Applied agricultural management
Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
Steingruberstraße 1a
91746 Weidenbach
T +49 982 665 42 18
F +49 9826 654 42 18
M: ralf.schlauderer()

*Prof. h. c. mult. (KazATU,KNIEU,VSAU,BSAA,MNAU)
*Dr h. c. mult. (SNAU, ANAU)

PeterDr Heinz-Peter Wolff
Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
Steingruberstraße 1a
91746 Weidenbach

T +49 982 665 43 97
F +49 9826 654 43 97
M: heinz-peter.wolff()

Dr.-Ing. Nicolas S. A. Alt
Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
Markgrafenstraße 14
91746 Weidenbach
T +49 982 665 43 90
F +49 9826 654 43 90

M: nicolas.alt()



Henry Matthews
Consultant and Senior Lecturer in Agriculture and Farm Management
Subjects and tasks: Crop production, agricultural management, marketing and post-harvest technology

T +44124 542 42 00
F +44124 542 04 56
M: Henry.Matthews()

Nieky van Veggel
Senior lecturer in bioveterinary science / course manager bioveterinary science
Subjects and tasks: Animal health science, Avidence-based practice

T +44124 542 42 00
M: nieky.vanveggel()

Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy we Wroclawiu (WUELS)

JulianDr. Julian Kalinowski
Assistant professor in the Institute of Economic Sciences, scientist and lecturer
Subjects and tasks: Agricultural Economics, Agricultural advisory services, IT, Making of business activities, TOPAS Project Manager at WUELS.

T +48 71 320 1840
F +48 71 320 1786
M: julian.kalinowski()

StanislawDr. Stanislaw Minta
Assistant professor in the Institute of Economic Sciences, scientist and lecturer
Subjects and tasks: Marketing in agribusiness, Basics of economics, Market research and Basics of entrepreneurship in agribusiness, Mentor and scientific supervisor for members of Student Scientific Society of Market Analysis at the WUELS, business trainer for enterprises on rural areas, farmers and agricultural advisors.
T +48 71 320 1780
F +48 71 320 1786
M: stanislaw.minta()

Universitatea de Ştiinţe Agricole şi Medicină Veterinară "Ion Ionescu de la Brad" din Iaşi (UASVM)


Associate Prof., Dr. Florin-Daniel Lipsa
Vice Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture responsible with Scientific Research and International Relations.
Subjects and tasks: Microbiology, TOPAS Project Manager at UASVM.

T +40 232 407 526
F +40 232 219 175
M: flipsa()


Prof., Dr. Vasile Vintu
Rector of UASVM.
Subjects and tasks: Pasturelands and fodder plants culture; Ecology and environment protection.

T +40 232 407 459
F +40 232 260 650
M: vvintu()


Prof., Dr. Costel Samuil
Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture.
Subjects and tasks: Fodder Processing and Preserving Technology, Fodder for Small Animals; Manager of the project EU POSDRU/161/2.1/G/139241. which offered students support in order to improve the transition from school to work, counsel the students and organized for them internships in Romanian food and agricultural companies.
T +40 232 407 490
F +40 232 219 175
M: csamuil()


Prof., Dr. Stejarel Brezuleanu
Head, Department of Agroeconomy, Specialist in Economy and Agrarian Management.
Subjects and tasks: Management of the agricultural exploitation; Projects management; Optimization of structure of agricultural production; Agritourism; Economic effiency of the agricultural exploitation.
T +40 232 407 516
F +40 232 219 175
M: stejarel()


Dr. Vlad-Nicolae Arsenoaia
Univ. Assistant with knowledge about agricultural machinery exploitation, setting parameters of exploitation for various agricultural aggregates and internal combustion engines, tractors and ground vehicles.
Subjects and tasks: Machinery and installations in food industry, Machinery for agriculture and food industry.
T +40 232 407 557
F +40 232 219 175
M: vnarsenoaia()


Associate Prof., Dr. Denis Topa
Specialist in soil management, tillage, investigations and monitoring the soil physic characteristics, crops productivity and yield.
Subjects and tasks: Soil tillage systems; Soil Information System.
T +40 232 407 445
F +40 232 219 175
M: topadenis()

Національний університет біоресурсів і природокористування Україн (NULES)

DibrovaProf. Dr. Anatolii Dibrova
Dean of Faculty of Economics
Professor of the Department of Global Economy
Subjects and tasks: Agrarian policy of Ukraine in globalization conditions, Improvement of the system of state regulation and agriculture support, Development of agri-food markets and bioeconomic potential of agrarian sector of Ukraine in climate change conditions
T +38044 527 85 40
F +38044 527 85 40
M: dibrova()

Kovalenko N
Dr. Nataliya Kovalenko
IMA coordinator
Subjects and tasks: Production economics, Business management, planning

T +38067 595 55 64
M: nperederiy()

Dr. Oleksandr Labenko
Head of International Relations Office, Associate Professor of Department of Finance
Subjects and tasks: 

T +38067 296 73 36
M: labenko.a()

Dr. Dmytro Kyryliuk
Senior teacher of the Department of Administrative Management and Foreign Economic Activities
Subjects and tasks: International agriculture, Scientific research, International trade, Agricultural policy

T +38063 338 19 02
M: dm.kyryliuk()

Dr. Kateryna Tuzhyk
Associate professor of Department of Cybernetics Economic, Senior Specialist of Training Division
Subjects and tasks: Responsible for farm data collection

T +38044 527 85 46
M: kateryna_t()

Сумський національний аграрний університет (SNAU)

Larysa Kalachevska
Associate Prof., Dr. Larysa Kalachevska
Head of international cooperation office, IMA coordinator.
Subjects and tasks: Applied Operational Management, Production economics, Project Management.

T/F +38 0542 70 10 30
M: likalachevska()

Strochenko Nataliia Prof. Dr. Nataliya Strochenko
Dean of economics and management faculty.
Subjects and tasks: Economics of Agribusiness, Production economics, Regional Management, Accounting.
T +38 054 270 11 70; 70 11 78
F +38 054 270 10 30
M: nataliyastrochenko()

Oleg Pasko
Associate Prof., Dr. Oleh Pasko
Vice-Dean for research, Faculty of economics and management.
Subjects and tasks: International accounting (IFRS), International audit (ISA), Administrative audit.

T +38 054 270 11 72
F +38 054 270 10 30
M: pasko.ov()


Associate Prof., Dr. Svitlana Lukash
Vice-Dean for work with foreign students, Faculty of economics and management.
Subjects and tasks: Production economics, Strategy of international agrarian marketing, Controlling, Economics and finance of enterprise.

T +38 099 797 18 57
F +38 054 270 10 30
M: svitlana.lukash()

Prof. Dr. Andrii Mykhailov
Professor of Foreign Economic Activity Management and Eurointegration Department.
Subjects and tasks: Business Management, Human Resources Management, Foreign Economic Management, International Management, International Economic Relations, Global Economics
T +38 095 579 67 41
F +38 054 270 10 30
M: amykhaylov79()

Ladyka Yurii
Associate Prof., Dr. Yurii Ladyka
Associate Professor of Private and Social Law Department
Subjects and tasks: Drawing up of procedural documents, Law of social security, Obligation law, Housing law, Administrative law and procession, Financial law, Informational law, Harmonization of civil procedural legislation of Ukraine with the legislation of the EU
T +38 095 798 15 46
F +38 054 270 10 30
M: ladykayura()

Alina Brychko
Associate Prof., Dr. Alina Brychko
Associate Professor of Еconomics Department
Subjects and tasks: Regional economics, Economics of enterprise

T +38 054 270 11 72
F +38 054 270 10 30
M: alinkabrychko()

 Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU), Armenia
Հայաստանի ազգային ագրարային համալսարան

Associate Professor, Dr. Garegin Hambardzumyan
Head of the International Relations Department, Head of the Food Safety and Hygiene Chair Management.
Subjects and tasks: Food Safety and Expertise.

T +3741 258 58 08
M: garegin77()

Dr. Narine Gasparyan
Specialist in “Agrarian Management” International Master Program.
Subjects and tasks: Agrarian Policy Seminar, Regional Development Concepts, Agro-Marketing, International Trade, Sustainable Energy Economics.

T +3749 384 97 08
M: narin.gasparyan()

Dr. Liana Khachatryan
Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Associate Professor of Department of Agribusiness Organization and Management
Subjects and tasks:Organization and management of  farming households.

T +3749 343 80 08
M: khliana1979()

 Yerevan State University (YSU), Armenia
Երեւանի պետական համալսարան

Dr. Aram H. Arakelyan
Head of Chair of Department of Mathematical modeling in Economics
Subject and tasks: 
T +3746 071 06 42


Dr. Aram T. Karapetyan
Associate Professor of Department of Mathematical modeling in Economics
Subjects and tasks: 

T +3746 071 06 42

46220195 260328784831554 455024327285276672 n
Dr. Vehanush S. Marukhyan
Assistant of Department of Mathematical modeling in Economics
Subject and tasks: 

T +3746 071 06 42

Samarqand veterinariya meditsinasi instituti

Dr. Ahrorov Farhod Bahriddinovich
Vice-rector for youth affairs
Associate Professor
Subjects and tasks: Microeconomics, Agricultural Economics
T +99866 234 33 90
F +99866 234 33 90
M: fahrorov()

IMG 8804
Prof. Dr. Abdugani Elmurodov
Vice-rector on Academic Affairs
Dean of Biotechnology Faculty
Subjects and tasks:

T/F +98366 234 07 87
M: elmurodov.a()

 Andijan branch of Taschkent state Agrarian University, Uzbekistan
Toshkent davlat agrar universitetining Andijon filiali

Associate Professor, Dr. Abduvasikov Abduaziz Abdulazizovich
Director of Andijan branch of Tashkent State Agrarian University
Subjects and tasks: 
T +99874 223 90 69
F +99874 373 13 63
M: rector()

Dr. Dilsabohon Rustamova 
Head of International cooperation office, Associated Professor of Agribusiness and Investment department
Subjects and tasks: 

T +99890 188 47 57
F +99874 373 13 63
M: dilbo()

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