Please use the model provided. Applicants are expected to complete a one-page work plan for each project year.
For each year of your project proposal, please complete a work plan indicating the deadlines for each outcome and the period and location in which your activities will take place. Please create additional work plan tables if further space is needed.

The same reference and sub-reference numbers as used in the logical framework matrix must be assigned to each outcome and related activities.

   Activity carried out in the Programme Country: = (E.g. activity in France for two weeks in the first month of the project 2= under M1)
   Activity carried out in the Partner Country (ies): X (E.g., activity in Tunisia for three weeks in the second month of the project: 3X under M2)

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WORKPLAN for project year 1

WORKPLAN for project year 2

WORKPLAN for project year 3

Download the workplan and workpackeges